TTouch for Dogs


How can Tellington TTouch help my dog?

Adding a few minutes of Tellington TTouch to your daily routine with your dog can make an amazing difference in their health, behavior, the effectiveness of your training and in the relationship you share. If you have time to pet your dog, you have time to do TTouch. In fact, TTouch is perfect for busy people. It is easy to learn and used by trainers, veterinarians and people who love their dogs all over the world.

TTouch and Training

Combining TTouch and training gives you more value for your training time and money. TTouch helps your dog to learn how to learn. This means that your dog is more focused, learns faster, has more self-control and is more fun to train. TTouch is especially valuable for dogs who are shy, fearful or reactive. It is possible to train dogs to do just about anything; we can’t train them to feel differently. TTouch builds confidence and trust in a way that benefits you and your dog in the relationship you share.

TTouch and Health Care

Integrating TTouch with your veterinary and wellness routines supports your dog in living a long and healthy life. TTouch can be used to accelerate recovery from illness, injury, or surgery, reduce pain and make procedures like toenail trimming or administering medication much easier. TTouch Ear Work is used for general health care as well as a way to help your dog in an emergency. Knowing this simple life saving technique is essential for anyone with a dog.

TTouch for every stage in your dog’s life

TTouch reduces stress by releasing habitual tension patterns and improving physical, mental and emotional balance. Stress reduction is essential for supporting the immune system and helping your dog to adapt to new situations. For dogs who are reactive, anxious, or shy, TTouch can help them learn a more relaxed way of being. Many people report that doing TTouch with their dog makes them feel better too!

TTouch for every stage in your dog’s life

Puppies that start their lives with TTouch are easier to handle and have less “mouthy” behavior. They can learn to walk quietly on a leash and to be socially acceptable.

TTouch helps adolescent dogs to have more self-control and greater focus. It isn’t easy to be a canine teenager and we want our dogs to be socially acceptable, well as respond to commands. Enhanced communication with TTouch makes life much easier as your dog grows into an adult.

Active dogs are less accident-prone and learn to move in a balanced and coordinated way with TTouch. TTouch helps your dog to be a real canine good citizen as well as a welcome member of your family.

Nervous or fearful dogs experience dramatic improvement with TTouch. Fear of loud noises, strangers, or going to the vet are just a few of the issues we commonly help to resolve.

Reactive dogs learn to be calm and appropriate in their response to other dogs, people or other triggers.

Barking dogs learn to be quiet. Through understanding why your dog is barking and helping them to think rather than react, we can create calm and quiet.

Leash pulling is directly related to lack of balance and self-control combined with the human activating the opposition reflex. TTouch learning exercises help you to communicate more clearly with your dog and be able to walk without either of you pulling on the leash.

Older dogs benefit tremendously from regular TTouch. Rather than the helpless feeling that comes with watching your dog age, TTouch gives you effective techniques to reduce the pain and limitations of arthritis and other symptoms of old age.

Some people enjoy scheduling a private session for their older dog as a spa day experience!