TTouch for Cats, Rabbits and Other Small Animals


Cats, rabbits and many other animals have behavior and health concerns that are different from common dog issues. TTouch works wonderfully well on the sensitive nervous systems of all small animals and is especially effective in increasing their ability to be handled.

Have you ever noticed that your cat can’t tolerate much petting or stroking? Or perhaps your rabbit is sensitive to being groomed around the hindquarters? Does your rat or hamster bite when you reach in the cage? Areas of the body that are sensitive to touch often indicate that the animal is holding tension there, just as humans often do in their neck or shoulders. These tensions in the body can result in reactive behavior such as biting, urinating outside the litter box, reactivity around other animals or people, or a resistance to being groomed.

TTouch works to release the source of the tension being held in the body and changes how animals react to things in their environment.

TTouch is used for:

  • shyness
  • aggression
  • scratching
  • spraying and litter box problems
  • confidence for nervous animals
  • digestive upset, stasis or intestinal blockage
  • adjusting to changes in the household
  • symptoms of arthritis, aging and stiffness
  • recovery from injury or illness in conjunction with veterinary care